General Manager Job Description

Reports to:  Owners

Direct Reports:  Newport Dart Rush Staff


Position Summary

Responsible for overall operations and performance of the Dart Rush store. Expert in concept, values, practices and procedures. All activities of the General Manager are expected to be consistent with and supportive of the Dart Rush Business Plan and operational goals. The General Manager ensures each employee is performing their job responsibilities and meeting expectations in all areas of their job descriptions at optimum levels. Ensures business and personnel practices are within the law and consistent with Dart Rush Operating policies and procedures.


Training / Staffing

Continuously works to improve the skills, knowledge and morale of all managers and hourly employees. Works through the Managers to ensure all team members receive the necessary training to perform their duties. Responsible for maintaining hourly staffing at levels to maximize operations. Approves scheduling within labor cost standards of Dart Rush. Evaluates overall performance of Managers based on clearly communicated standards and expectations and provides feedback on behaviors that influence performance.



Maximizes financial performance and profit of each location. Follows budgeting guidelines and works with the Management team to meet goals consistent with Dart Rush Benchmarks. Works shifts during both peak and nonpeak times on a weekly basis to ensure operations and facilities are maintained at optimum levels. Utilizes effective time management, organization, planning, communication, delegation and follow up to achieve desired results.


Job Requirements

  1. Proven success in Management roles

  2. Must be able to work a minimum of 5 shifts a week.

  3. Good verbal and written communication skills

  4. Good grasp of technology - basic computer skills, email, Slack, Basecamp, Zendesk, etc.

  5. Must have the energy and stamina to sustain a high level of activity

  6. Must have a strong sense of urgency to accomplish tasks and goals

  7. Has a strong commitment to development as an individual and leader. Seeks feedback and turns it into action to address performance opportunities.

  8. Must be able to lift 20 lbs.

  9. Leads with integrity and consistency. Makes decisions based on what is right, not convenient.

  10. Understands the importance of a diverse workforce and takes steps to develop and promote diverse personnel into leadership roles.


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