NERF® Wars - The Perfect Thing to do With Kids In Cincinnati

You work hard for your family. You work hard to provide them with everything they need to live a comfortable lifestyle. Studies show that families who spend time together produce children who are more well rounded and happier overall[1].

Parents want their children to be happy and to grow into well-rounded adults and as a parent, your instinct just knows that spending time together as a family produces positive effects for your kids.

Sometimes parents become so overwhelmed with raising kids who turn out to be “successful” adults that they forget the importance of spending time with and interacting with their kids. We all want our kids to get good grades, and to do well in sports - but what our kids need, is fun with their families!

According to a study published in the Journal of Family Issues by Brown University sociologist Gregory Elliott, kids who believe that they matter to their family (that is, they feel they make a difference in the family's daily doings) are significantly less likely to threaten or engage in violent activities[2]. Spending time together as a family while engaging in fun activities is a great way to instill family bonds and values at any age.

Spending time together with recreational activities as a family allows you all to take a break from the demands of everyday life. You can take a couple of hours and focus on your love for one another while forming closer bonds between family members.

Some QT Ideas:

●     Family meal time - no phones allowed!

●     Frisbee match

●     Family picnic

●     Hiking

●     Camping

●     Outdoor movie night

●     Our favorite: NERF®  Battles!

If you are reading this you are likely looking for something new (and fun) to do as a family. You have probably had a bunch of game nights with Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary and the like.

What about something a little more exciting and active? Are your kids fighting incessantly about who gets the TV, who has to take out the trash - etc. Why not let them battle it out over a friendly game of NERF® wars. They can safely pummel each other with soft foam darts and show each other just how much brotherly/sisterly love they have for one another!

Don’t worry - we provide safety gear

Get Moving

A foam dart battle is a great way for you and your family to get active. Screen time has taken up a lot of our lives so getting together as a family and getting active is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity/exercise per day so NERF® battles are a fun way to keep your doc happy!

Strengthen Family Ties

Families who engage in everyday activities together as well as activities like NERF® battles tend to form stronger emotional ties and family bonds. Families who partake in hobbies and physical activities together are more likely to “stick together” as a family while also developing lasting personal relationships with each other.

Connect & Build Memories

As your kids grow into adolescents and young adults it becomes increasingly more challenging to always connect with your children and have your children connect with each other.

Envision the most epic NERF® battle: your kids are teamed up together against their parents and are gung-ho on eliminating their competition! This is for all the times you made them unwillingly clean up their rooms - they are ready to strike! And this is for all the times they threw tantrums at the grocery store as kids - payback! We’re kidding (sort of).

Kids Versus Parents

In a battle of foam darts, this is a great opportunity to teach your kids about playing fair, winning humbly, losing gracefully, and just enjoying the time together.

No matter how you pick your teams, we are sure that you can picture the laughter and memories that you will make on a night in at Dart Rush.

The ONLY Indoor Foam Dart Area in Cincinnati

Dart Rush is the ONLY indoor foam dart arena for play with genuine NERF® blasters in the Cincinnati area. It doesn’t matter the weather, you always have a fun activity to add to your list!

You can bring your own or we can supply your family with blasters, darts, and balls. We have designed our arena so that you can relax and make memories together - as a family. We regularly host birthday parties and corporate events and we can open our facility for private events ‘after-hours’ if your family has a unique schedule.

Play can be booked for one or two hour sessions; each session consists of various quick games like capture the flag, king of the hill, and last person standing. The emcee and team of referees will play music and give instructions on how each game is played. You work hard, we want you to play hard while making memories at Dart Rush. Please feel free to give us a call or visit our site for more info. We look forward to hosting you and your family!


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