Go shorty, it’s your birthday! Don’t you remember the days of old when you would celebrate your birthday with your family, closest friends, and cake and ice cream? If you are lucky you still celebrate like this but as we get older we tend to not focus on our birthdays like we did when we were kids - or like our parents did. You are never too old for cake and never too old to celebrate a birthday! It’s just time for something new...


Yesterday’s Parties...


If you are a parent now, you likely have exhausted your options of ice cream socials, arcade gatherings, and pool parties. Kids are getting pickier and you likely want to provide your child or your guests with a new option. Children want more nowadays and they just aren’t happy.



You probably chauffeur your kids to dozens of birthday parties a year. Each and every family wants to win at ‘parenting’ and throw their kid the best party of the year. The most important detail is making your child’s birthday party one that they will remember - at least until next year! What may be different between an adult birthday party and a kids’ party is that children do not care about the little things like appetizers or the decorative skills that you may possess. They want to have fun with their friends - it is really that simple. You can be their hero by throwing an epic indoor battle bash!

Or maybe this party is just for you and you’re in your mid-30’s and you want to party like it’s ‘99 again - whatever, we won’t tell. We don’t judge.


Dart Rush - ALL Ages Fun!


Active Entertainment

A foam dart battle is a great way for you or your child and friends alike to get active. We are all guilty of being glued to screens, whether it be a phone, tablet, or TV, we all spend far too much time on electronic devices every day. Throwing a party that forces you to have physical fun is a great way to avoid screen time and spend a couple hours running around pelting each other with foam darts instead. NERF® wars can be a very engaging game with obstacles to navigate, and competitors to avoid! Whether you are looking to burn off some calories or tire out some littles so you can get a great night sleep, this is the place for you!

Beneficial Battles

What parent doesn’t worry about ensuring that their children are stimulated and challenged so that they can grow and develop into kind and decent humans, right? NERF® battles can offer your kids the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills while also testing their ability to react. As your kids proceed through their epic NERF® birthday party, they will be able to test their reaction and problem-solving skills. Obviously, teamwork is a critical element to both your child’s development and winning a foam battle. And if your kid loses, hopefully, we can teach them a little humility as well!

If this is a party for you and a bunch of your middle-aged friends, humility is always a good lesson to learn (for the loser of course).


NERF® Party Time...


So how do you accomplish hosting one of the best birthday parties of the year? You could always head to a paintball range and get pelted with rubber paint bullets traveling at 40 MPH that leave welts on your body which last for days. That sounds super, doesn’t it? What about getting nailed by an ever so soft foam bullet? Maybe an exaggeration but you get the point, right?

So how do you make a NERF® Wars birthday party happen? It will probably take you a long time gathering together items like cardboard boxes to create barriers and shields for players. You’ll need scissors, and duct tape, trash bags, and whatever else you can think of to create your battlefield. You will then need to purchase enough guns and ammo for your guests that the battle isn’t over in 30 seconds. Sounds timely and expensive right?


Or you could just come to Dart Rush! 



Dart Rush is the ONLY indoor foam dart arena for play with genuine NERF® blasters in the Cincinnati area. We can supply your team with blasters, darts, and balls. It is designed for families, friends, and coworkers to play and make memories together. We host birthday parties and corporate events and we can open our facility for private events ‘after-hours’.

Play can be booked for one or two hour sessions; each session consists of various quick games like capture the flag, king of the hill, and last person standing. The emcee and team of referees will play music and give instructions on how each game is played. Yes, we said emcee.

You don't have to worry about your guests bringing their own blaster, we will provide your party with everything you will need. We even provide foam darts and balls so please do not bring your own. Our arena is padded and please remember that shoes are not allowed and socks are required. We will keep your guest’s shoes and personal belongings safe in one of our cubbies.

We hope to see you soon. Feel free to give us a call or shoot us a note for more info.